Sue Jaycock - Mindset & Wellbeing Coach


Helping You Find Courage to Change

Are you ready to say hello to THE NEW YOU?

I’m Sue Jaycock and I am ready to help you to make the changes that you know are long overdue.   You’ve been working so hard keeping everything going, that you haven’t had time for yourself.  It’s time to find yourself again, regain your passion for life, time to take stock of where you are, look at what’s working and what isn’t, time to make new plans and do something for yourself.  Find your passion, purpose, power and joy.

It’s YOUR time now, and I’m here to help you.

Feeling stuck, tired, unhappy?

Health issues: aches, pains and niggles?

Lost your joy and passion for life?

Sick of your job: unhappy in your relationship?

Want to start your own business?

Ready to make that change?

About Me

I am a Mindset and Wellbeing Life Coach living in Northamptonshire, UK, working with women all over the world.  I have over 20 years experience in the wellbeing industry being a qualified Bowen Therapist, Aromatherapist, Massage Therapist, Emotional Freedom practitioner, and teacher.

My passion is helping women who are feeling stuck in any aspect of their lives to make the changes  that they long for to finally be who they really want to be.


Sue is a FANTASTIC coach.  She helped me at a time when I was very unsure of myself, and negative about the future.  Her sessions were relaxed and enlightening, and something I looked forward to every week.  I can scarcely believe the transformation that has occurred in me, and how easily it came about.  I now feel positive about what I do, and am happy that I have a clear path defined.  Thank you Sue!  Melanie F.

When I started my coaching journey with Sue I had newly separated from my husband. Sue provided me with a gentle loving space that supported me in the early stages of my grieving process. The coaching allowed me to bring all my emotional ups and downs and gently encouraged me to start envisioning a new future for myself. Sue’s empathetic presence offered me the safety to be open and vulnerable. I valued having a space where I was welcome to be me with all my fears and hopes. To my surprise, like the lotus growing in the mud, the pain and hurt started to give way to my heart’s true longings.

With Sue’s gentle encouragement I took my first exciting steps towards autonomy and learnt to see that this ending is also a beautiful new beginning.

Besides her gentleness, empathy, support and encouragement what has stayed with me is her humour. Our countless laughs brightened up my darker moments along our journey together. Marion S.

I was in the throes of divorce when it was suggested that some life coaching may be beneficial to me. To be honest, I was sceptical but it proved extremely beneficial in clarifying what I want from my life going forward and working out how to go about making it happen.  It instilled a self-worth within me that had previously gone unrecognised.  Sue encouraged me to take control of my future and I am very happy that I acted on the suggestion of life-coaching.  Wendy P.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Making A Change Today!