Choose Your ThoughtsToday’s blog is about Choosing Your Thoughts.  Sometimes we can be in our heads too much.  Whilst it is good to have some healthy self-reflection, this can often turn to a spiral of negative thinking which is not healthy.  We need to be able to tune in and check where we are at.  Are we self-reflecting or self-criticising?  If we are self-reflecting then this is goal directed, realistic, positive and creative. We are looking at our ‘real-self’.  If we are self-criticising, our thoughts are negative, we focus on us as ‘bad’. We become trapped in a repetitive cycle of negative thinking that ultimately leads to anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts.

Mindful meditation is one method that can help us to choose our thoughts and steer us away from our inner gremlin/inner critic.

One tip is to just check in with your thoughts as an observer and discover whether you are engaging in healthy self-reflection or negative self-criticising.

Whenever I share something with you it is because it is an issue I have worked with and discovered what works for me, and I share it because I know it will help you too if you have similar experiences.

Thanks for reading, and if anything I have said resonates with you, please get in touch.