Reasons to Surround Yourself With Positive People

In this week’s blog I’m looking at why it’s a good idea to surround yourself with positive people as much as possible.

I’ve been sharing techniques over the last month or so about how to upgrade your Mindset, and we can’t upgrade our mindset unless we get ourselves in a place of good energy, of positivity.  If you have been following my techniques over the last few months, then you will have been learning about making changes within yourself and hopefully you are on your way to feeling the difference. 

One of the ways to keep ourselves in the place of good energy, is to surround ourselves with positive people with a similar mindset to ourselves, or to what we aspire to be, and to avoid negative people.  The ones that bring us down.

The Benefits:

The benefits of surrounding ourselves with positive people are numerous:

  • A support system to uplift you
  • They look out for your wellbeing
  • They encourage you to be the best you
  • Each encounter leaves you feeling more positive
  • There is no drama – positive people have no time or energy for drama
  • You will feel motivated to make the best decisions for you
  • You will move forward faster towards your goals
  • You will cultivate a CAN DO attitude
  • We absorb the energy of those we spend a lot of time with. 
  • Your outlook will improve.

Positive people encourage, inspire, motivate and make every day a good day.  They want you to succeed, they are your cheer-leaders.  Their energy will rub off on you and will motivate you to step up and be your best self.  Like attracts like so the more you work on your self-development, upgrade your mindset, and become more positive, the more you will attract like-minded people to you. 

Feeling more positive is a choice we can all make.  When walking, looking up, putting your shoulders back, and walking tall will immediately make you feel better.  If you are more selective of the people you spend time with then you increase your happiness and chance of success.  Nobody near you?  Then join a Facebook group or work with a professional life coach or a mentor. 

Look at what positive people do – they will have habits that you can emulate such as keeping a Gratitude Journal, and working on their mindset regularly.  Think about the negative influences around you.

Negative People:

Negative people usually don’t smile or laugh easily.   It can be really difficult to deal with negative people.  To be fair, we can all be negative at times, can’t we? But there are some people who always seem to be negative.  They are pessimistic, and bring your mood crashing down.  You can be feeling upbeat and happy but after a few minutes with one of these people we feel as despondent as they presumably do.  If you, like me, are an empath, then this is something you will be more than aware of.  If you share your dreams with a negative person, they will be the ones that tell you pessimistically that you are going to fail, they will discourage you from even trying.  They won’t want you to learn anything new, or try anything different.  It will be ‘too dangerous’, ‘too stupid’, ‘pointless’.  Constant negativity can end up either making you become negative yourself, or make you want to avoid or become indifferent or even uncaring towards that person.  This can be very difficult when this is someone you are in a relationship with.

Why they are negative:

There’s always a reason why they became so negative.  It is rooted in fear.  It is usually a fear of not being loved or accepted or liked, or a fear that something bad is going to happen.  Usually because they have experienced, at some point in life, that very thing and so now their minds are like heat seeking missiles looking for evidence to confirm their deep-seated beliefs.  When you realise this, and understand that they are operating from a place of fear, it makes sense that they discourage anyone pursuing their dreams or doing anything out of the ordinary.  It makes sense that they distrust others and are negative.  Unfortunately, as you know, that which you focus on grows, so as they seek out negativity, they are negative themselves, and attract more negativity.  Often, they blame things outside of themselves for everything that goes wrong, and don’t take responsibility.

How to deal with it:

The thing is, you can’t change anyone else, you can only change yourself.  Demanding that they change their behaviour won’t work.  Lecturing them about why they are negative won’t work.  You can learn to understand why they are the way they are with understanding and then take responsibility for your own happiness in spite of their negativity, and you can choose the way in which you respond to that person.  You can also choose the way you feel about the way they speak to you.  You always have a choice.   THEY have to be with themselves ALL the time, you only have to be with them SOME of the time!

Nurture Positivity in Yourself:

You can’t change them, but you can concentrate on your own personal self-development and promoting your own positivity.  At first, you might have to fake it til you make it, but you will need to act like you are feeling totally positive, totally confident, totally focussed and in charge of your own life.  That you don’t allow others negativity to influence you in any way.  You are going to do your thing, live your dreams, and be trusting.  Let them know that you feel differently from them, tell them calmly that whatever they might think, that is their opinion, and whilst you respect it, you are going to do your thing.  You would rather try and fail, than never try at all.

Keep working on your own positivity.  When you feel totally secure then you won’t be affected so much.  It really works but it takes consistency and practice.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and found it helpful.  If you have enjoyed this then you will like the free resources I offer.

Until next time,

Sue Jaycock
Mindset & Wellbeing Coach

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