Habits To Change Your LifeAn exclusively designed 12 week online coaching programme for women who are ready to make massive change in their life.


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Are you ready?


for more, to rediscover yourself, to give meaning and purpose to your life, to experience happiness and satisfaction, to be free from all the fears that are holding you back, and you desperately want to move forward in life.


So far you have…


had to compromise, you have longed and dreamed of a more fulfilling life BUT you have been kept from moving forward, through fear, frustration, commitments, circumstances, holding on to the past, lack of support and understanding, depression, denial, doubt, confidence, shame, guilt, negativity, ill health and simply not knowing how to change.


You may have…


Tried before, by yourself, and failed, and you are afraid to try again. You may be tired of trying. You may have lost faith that change is possible for you.


So really you have 3 choices right now…


  • You can ignore how you feel and what you have read. You can tell yourself that no one understands what you feel, what your life is like, how difficult things are and just keep on living in denial.
  • You can be scared and overwhelmed and let fear control your choices. It would be the easy thing to just carry on as you have done so far – that is what you have become accustomed to, even though it is uncomfortable.


But ultimately both these decisions come down to the same thing:


6 months or a year down the line you will be in the same place, and you will be resigned to giving up on yourself and your hopes and dreams.




  • You can realise that despite the fact that change can be scary, it is also exciting and that you were put on this planet for a reason, and you need to be participating fully in order to play your unique role in this life.


Courage to Change is a unique online coaching programme created by me that will take you step by step on this journey and teach you how to create a life you will love, how to make powerful choices that will empower you and ultimately set you free from fear and allow you to find your authentic path, courage, inner-strength and motivation.


Wendy:  I was in the throes of divorce when it was suggested that some life coaching may be beneficial to me. To be honest, I was sceptical but it proved extremely beneficial in clarifying what I want from my life going forward and working out how to go about making it happen. It instilled a self-worth within me that had previously gone unrecognised. Sue encouraged me to take control of my future and I am very happy that I acted on the suggestion of life-coaching.


From Me To You


You are on this page for a reason and I am here to help you discover that reason.  My name is Sue Jaycock, and I want you to know that you are in safe hands and that I have the utmost respect for you seeking to make a change.  Here there is no judgement, nor criticism only acceptance. You have nothing to fear and I want to serve you with my whole heart and all my experience and skills so that you can truly move forward with courage.


You see I am…


not only a Mindset & Wellbeing Coach, but I am also a woman who has struggled in my life.  There have been times when I have been so low,  feeling that nothing would change, and I have taken the same steps to change my life that I am now teaching to other women.  .


I truly get it… I have been there…I want you to know that if I can change then so can you.


I developed many unhealthy and destructive coping mechanisms that I have learned to release and change in my quest to be my best, authentic self, and live the fulfilling life that I now lead. I understand too well how difficult like can be, and how the scars left by previous experiences seem to filter through every part of your life.  I get how debilitating the fears that shape our decisions can be and how difficult it is to find the courage…


BUT, I made it…


and came out the other side – following a needlessly long and winding route. It took me an incredibly long time (over 20 years) and I tried all sorts of ways to make change in my life.  I tried counselling, different therapies, I read hundreds of books, watched thousands of videos, wasted so much money, I suffered from various health issues, my self esteem was so low, and I really didn’t know what to do next.  FINALLY I stumbled across coaching when I read some words on a website, like this one, which truly resonated with me, and it turned my life around. Here I FINALLY learned how to move forward in a sustainable way, to make powerful choices, and to change and challenge limiting mindsets and beliefs.


However, I realised that not everyone has the resources to work with a one to one coach, and therefore I created the Courage to Change online coaching programme as an affordable price so that it was accessible to many more woman who really want to make that change.


Melanie:  Sue is a FANTASTIC coach. She helped me at a time when I was very unsure of myself, and negative about the future. Her sessions were relaxed and enlightening, and something I looked forward to every week. I can scarcely believe the transformation that has occurred in me, and how easily it came about. I now feel positive about what I do, and am happy that I have a clear path defined. Thank you Sue!


WHY do I want to help you?


If I could go back in time, I would wish that someone had told me about life-coaching and the amazing power that it offers. I would have given almost anything back then for this powerful and life-changing information. It would have saved me years of searching! I think of the years of struggling, all the money, time and opportunities wasted, all the negative thought processes, the broken relationships, and it upsets me.


So, my life’s purpose is…


to coach & mentor you on how to empower yourself, gain confidence, invest in your self-care, rediscover love for yourself, find meaning and purpose and most importantly to live your life unlimited. I will guide you to be the best version of yourself, love life and enjoy the moments in it. Trust me, all of it is possible, all you have to do is believe in yourself and let me show you the way – I have got your back, I will hold your hand and take you there,  AND I will save you time and money in the process.


  • YES – you can find happiness and live the authentic life you dream of
  • YES – you can change and love your life that has meaning & purpose
  • YES – you can live empowered and be happy and satisfied
  • NO – you absolutely do not need to waste as much time, or money, as I did


For us to work together, you will need to have:


  • The willingness and openness to learn and to be teachable
  • Strength of heart and mind to challenge and change mindsets and unhelpful beliefs
  • Courage to stand up for yourself and let your voice and your needs be heard
  • Bravery to trust yourself again as well as others
  • Imagination to dream about your desired future
  • Vulnerability and authenticity, to share with me your dreams, so that we can work out together how to get you there


I believe in you and know that you can most certainly do this!


Do not let your past overshadow your future…


Grab hold of this opportunity


I do not want you to suffer any longer or waste any more time. I truly want to serve you and help you to create your new future.


Marion:  Sue provided me with a gentle loving space that supported me in the early stages of my grieving process. The coaching allowed me to bring all my emotional ups and downs and gently encouraged me to start envisioning a new future for myself. Sue’s empathetic presence offered me the safety to be open and vulnerable. I valued having a space where I was welcome to be me with all my fears and hopes. To my surprise, like the lotus growing in the mud, the pain and hurt started to give way to my heart’s true longings.


Courage To Change Coaching Programme


The Courage to Change Programme is a unique online coaching programme exclusively designed to help women to step up and lead their best lives.


In 12 weeks with me you will:


  • Challenge and change unhelpful mindsets, beliefs & fears
  • Overcome your past and become empowered
  • Learn techniques about self-care and balance
  • Learn what Emotional Freedom Technique is and how to use it.
  • Discover and release what is holding you back
  • Develop and strengthen your self-discovery, self-awareness, self-love and self-confidence muscles
  • Practice success habits that will become part of your toolkit
  • Discover the art and power of goal setting and why this is your secret weapon to purpose
  • Step up and finally live the life you were meant to live, being the person you were always meant to be


If we decide to work together, this is what you will receive:


  • My Courage to Change online coaching programme which includes:
    • a fortnightly group coaching session
    • videos,
    • exercises,
    • workbooks,
    • techniques
    • bonuses


Each week there is unique content which becomes available to you as you progress.


  • Full email support.
  • Access to the Courage To Change Private Facebook Group.
  • Lifetime’s access to resource materials
  • Real accountability, connection, fun, care and support.


Ultimately, this programme is only going to be helpful if you are openhearted and 100% committed to the process, the effort, doing the work and desiring change and freedom.


Courage To Change


After completing the 12 week online coaching programme you have the opportunity to work with me 1:1.


However, if you are ready to work with me 1:1 now, you can find out how to do that here.




If you are seriously committed to a life-changing experience that is filled with purpose and will leave you free to live your life empowered and unlimited then you can enrol for Courage to Change online programme now by clicking the button below now.   Any questions?  Do get in touch. 


The cost is just £298.80 (incl VAT) – click below to enrol.